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Welcome mat with issue boots

Welcome to MilitaryMillions.com, a blog/website designed to help military members like you make and save millions! Who are we and why did we create MilitaryMillions?

We are current and former military members who realize that people in the military are extremely busy blowing things up, defending freedom, and saving lives. With all the time we spend doing that (and more), who has time for personal finance?

At MilitaryMillions we believe that it doesn’t take a lot of time to achieve personal financial success. Here are a few reasons it is actually easier for people like us to build real wealth:

  • We’re disciplined. In other words we make our bed in the morning.
  • We’ll do things that 99 percent of other people won’t do.
  • We are not going to lose our jobs.
  • We have excellent disability and health insurance coverage.
  • We can capitalize on military discounts.
  • If we stay in the military for a full career, we can get an extremely valuable and inflation adjusted government pension for life.

Put all that together with some simple steps that you’ll find on MilitaryMillions, and you can easily become a millionaire or multi-millionaire. Trust us. We’ve done it, and we’re going to show you how.

Welcome to MilitaryMillions.com, where we’re going to teach you how to make and save millions!


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