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by | 27Dec2017 | Real estate | 4 comments is a joint website run by the DoD to help service members search for rental properties near military bases. The searches include information about privatized housing on base. Plus the listings indicate whether or not the property has been inspected by the base housing officials. In addition, you can list your own rental property if you have one at no cost. While I don’t own a rental property, I know if I did that I’d prefer to rent it to a military member, so this is probably a great way to get yourself some military tenants.
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  1. Lcdr William J. Howard

    I was told that I could go on and advertise my home for rent or lease to own.
    All I find is a financial perspective. How do I access the proper web site to accomplish my listing of our home for rent or rent to own.

  2. Clifford Henry

    Having a hard time getting into Saying it has a certificate issue.

    • adminmilitary

      Each browser has a slightly different way of getting around these errors. Firefox and Chrome have advanced buttons that will allow you to override the warnings. Safari has a show details option that does the same. If you are coming in from a work computer, the override option may be disabled so you just won’t be able to get there.

      Note that overriding does have inherent risks. Basically, you’re saying that you trust the site is who it says it is without any validation. Generally, this will be low risk (generally)…

      This is an issue with a lot of web sites right now. There’s a massive push to switch to https, but that entails periodic certificate maintenance. If things go wrong or undone then you get this type of error.


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