Sunday After Action Review (04FEB2018)

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After Action ReviewThe Sunday After Action Review is a collection of the best articles that we’ve read this week.

Know of a good article or blog that we should read? Please let us know in the comments.



  • We’ll start with some meat and potatoes personal finance with a military flavor. Most young sailors, airmen, and soldiers could use some advice – pass this along or spin it as your own. Even senior folks could use some good advice. Based on my observations two out of three First Sergeants drive crazy expensive cars and the other third spends his money on cigarettes (sample size of three).
  • Big banks don’t have a lot to offer consumers. Their free checking accounts are disappearing and Wells Fargo just got absolutely nailed by the Federal Reserve for treating their customers like crap. Jump over to our Things We Like page where we explain why we recommend USAA.
  • Another company with excellent customer focus is Vanguard. They are relentless in lowering the cost of investing. Other investment companies are fighting back with extra fees on Vanguard funds (think 401K overhead). WSJ’s paywalled article is here. Part 1 and part 2 can be read for free as PDFs at the time of this writing.
  • The New York Times website has a 7-Day Financial Tuneup feature. You answer a few questions and it creates a customized one week program for improving your personal finances. This would be another good thing to pass along to the Joes.
  • This blog post at Get Rich Slowly discusses about two strategies that they and their millionaire friends use to cut down clothing costs – thrift stores and small wardrobes. Both are good options for you folks who wear uniforms to work.
  • George Will is a curmudgeon. I’ve met him a couple of times in person – it’s not just his writing persona. This article of his fits. It starts out slow, but has some good thoughts on savings and thrift. We could all use a bit more of both.
  • The sports article of the week comes from one of my favorite technical writers. It puts common decision making mistakes in the perspective of last year’s epic Atlanta Falcons Super Bowl second half choke. Read it while sober then wow your friends with your intellectual prowess after a few beers. Also think about it when making investment decisions.


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