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After Action ReviewThe Sunday After Action Review is a collection of the best articles that we’ve read this week.

Know of a good article or blog that we should read? Please let us know in the comments.



  • Most public companies have a short note introducing their annual report. None is better than Warren Buffet’s letter “To The Shareholders of Berkshire Hathaway Inc.” (PDF) It is always packed with insight into finance and investing. In particular, this year there is a great discussion of the outcome of Buffet’s bet with a money management firm that an index fund would outperform a group of hedge funds selected by the firm. Jump to page 11 for that. All of the letters since 1977 are available here.
  • Kate Horell is “The Military Finance Coach”. She makes a case for renting while retiring/transitioning from the military. Great advice! Just the transaction of buying/selling a house is expensive. Step 7 of the MilitaryMillions Steps to Financial Security covers other aspects of the buy/rent decision.
  • I tend to find a good credit card and stick with it. Over at the MilitaryDollar she’s taking a different route – the credit card churning experiment is in Month 7. I wish she was tracking her time as well. My prediction is that at the end she’ll decide it wasn’t worth the effort. It does make for interesting reading though.
  • is a great blog even for non-doctors. If you’re debt free and have a good chunk in securities, he has valuable ideas on diversifying. This article on real estate crowdfunding is interesting. I’ve been reading a lot about this type of investment and I’m still trying to decide if it’s hype or a legit opportunity. More on investment real estate in the future for sure…
  • You don’t get rich by spending a lot unless you make even more. That’s a paraphrase of principle number one. Check out the other 9 in this blog post. 10 Money Principles Rich People Live By
  • The Olympics are all over the news – you’d think that there would be some good sports finance articles. I read one about the U.S. luge team soliciting donations via bitcoin. That’s the closest I’ll get to writing about cryptocurrencies – not even a link (spoiler in case you’re thinking about googling – they didn’t raise much). There was an article about Richard Sherman and the book Rich Dad Poor Dad. That book is a mixed bag, but who can resist a football player talking about a finance book? No offense intended here. He’s much better educated than I am. As a bonus, the article mentions bitcoin (it’s everywhere!).



    Thanks for the shout out!!! There are a ton of great articles out there and I definitely need to catch up on them. Thanks for highlighting them 🙂

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