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After Action ReviewThe Sunday After Action Review is a collection of the best articles that we’ve read this week.

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  • Paying Caesar: Getting the Most Out of Your Paycheck –  Here’s a solid argument for not celebrating a huge tax refund. Every couple of years after my taxes are done I recalculate my withholding amount. It avoids that whole interest-free loan to the government thing. If you dig a self-financed windfall, I recommend setting up automatic transfers to a savings account that you don’t monitor. Kick over a few bucks each paycheck and then open that thing up in May.
  • One Cheer – Jonathan Clements discusses the types of annuities that don’t suck in this short article.
  • The Best Real Estate Crowdfunding Sites for Non-Accredited Investors – Not (yet) worth $1M or have an income greater than $200K ($300K if married)? Then you’re not an accredited investor. No big deal, most folks aren’t and never will be. There are plenty of investment opportunities out there. If you’re full up on stocks and are looking for alternative investments, check out this list. Bonus: check out Showdown: Investing in Real Estate Funds vs. Individual Deals – I posted this one because of the comments. The very first one and the response from the White Coat Investor regarding comparing expense ratios of index funds with those Real Estate funds is enlightening.
  • Lessons From the Past 25 Years – Some practical thoughts from Morningstar’s Director of Personal Finance.
  • What if You Only Invested at Market Peaks – Here’s a short story about why buy and hold works even if you consistently buy at the worst time possible. It’s the logic behind continually investing in a TSP, 401k, IRA etc.
  • Easy in Theory, Difficult in Practice – Don’t time the market; as it says above, buy and hold your investments. Sometimes though it’s like eating just one potato chip – a lot harder than it should be. This article argues that an investment advisor can help by acting as a backstop against emotional selling.

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  1. The Physician Philosopher

    Thanks for the shout out! With all of the new tax changes I think it’s really worth while to make sure you are on target to not give Uncle Sam too much!



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