Why I Switched to the T-Mobile ONE Military Plan

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T-Mobile recently debuted a new plan for military and veteran families called T-Mobile ONE Military. It was sweet enough to get me to switch to it. Here’s how I got there.


We Don’t Like Verizon

We have four cell phones in my family. When we had Verizon as our mobile phone carrier, it cost us about $150 for four phones with unlimited data. In addition to the four phones, Verizon was also providing us some of the worst customer service a company could provide.

This caused us to switch mobile phone providers.


Mr. Money Mustache Recommends Ting

Right around this time I found the Mr. Money Mustache blog. For those who haven’t read it, it is life changing. It will improve your frugality and badassity all at the same time.

As a Mustachian (that is what his loyal followers are called), I wanted to know what Mr. Money Mustache thought about cell phone providers. As you can read in this post, he’s a huge fan of Republic Wireless but also endorsed Ting as a viable option.

Unfortunately, the largest problem with Republic is that you can’t use iPhones, and my family loves their iPhones. That left us with Ting.


Life with Ting

We were with Ting for about 2 years, and were very happy. Ting uses the Sprint and T-Mobile networks, and while both are reliable in my experience they are slightly less reliable than Verizon was. But the monthly bill for four phones was a little more than half of the $150/month we were paying Verizon!

Half the money for slightly less reliable coverage? And we can keep our iPhones? Done. Ting customers we were.

The thing about Ting and other budget or low-cost mobile phone providers is that most of the time you are paying for the data and minutes you use. In other words, the data usage and minutes are not unlimited like they were with Verizon. The more you use the phone, the more the monthly bill rises.


The Surprise $252.72 Ting Bill

Like I said, our Ting bill was half of our Verizon bill…until our 14 year old used $150 of data in one month. Ouch. He paid for it, but that mistake wiped out a few months savings.


Along Comes T-Mobile ONE Military

Because we got sick of monitoring the data usage of our teenagers and surprise bills, we started to wonder if we should switch back to a plan with unlimited data. Then T-Mobile came out with their new ONE Military plan. Their plan includes:

  • 50% off family lines for all military and veterans
  • Unlimited talk, text, and data
  • A standard 2-screen subscription for Netflix

Here’s the info from their website:


The T-Mobile Bottom Line

We now get unlimited data and calling on four phones for $100/month, including a subscription to Netflix. After using the service for about a month, I’d highly recommend anyone who is affiliated with the military or is a veteran check it out.


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