The Cell Phone Price War for Military Customers

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I recently wrote about switching from Ting, a cell phone company we were very happy with, to the T-Mobile Military ONE Plan. We now get unlimited data on 4 lines for $100/month.

Soon after T-Mobile announced their new military discount, I saw an announcement from Verizon and Sprint about similar plans. It seems like there is a price war for military/veteran customers among the major cell phone providers.

There’s never been a more opportune time to re-evaluate your current cell phone plan and see if you can score a better deal. I doubt they’ll give you these new discounts unless you take the time to ask.

Let’s take a look at the current military/veteran discounts from the major mobile phone providers. We’ll go from the largest to the smallest.


#1 – Verizon

As detailed in the article linked to above, Verizon has a new military discount:

Service members, veterans and Gold Star family members are eligible to save up to $40 a month on their cellphone plans under a military discount program launched last week by Verizon.


The deal offers $15 off the regular monthly price of one phone line, $30 off two lines and $40 off three lines under any of Verizon’s three “unlimited” plans. Those plans start at $40 a month, per line.


Eligible customers also can receive a $200 gift card when they activate a new 4G LTE smartphone on a new line. The deal can be used more than once; a military family of four can get $800 for opening a four-line plan with four new phones, for instance.


Verizon also will offer a 15 percent discount to military members, veterans and military families on other phone plans, as well as discounts up to 25 percent on some accessories purchased via the company’s My Verizon portal.


To receive the monthly savings, customers must enroll in Verizon’s Auto Pay program and use paperless billing.

While I’m not a fan of Verizon and their customer service, they are the big dog in the fight. Here is the link to their official discount page.


#2 – AT&T

Here’s a link to the AT&T page. Their current discount is:

Qualified active-duty military, reserves, National Guard, veterans, and spouses of active-duty and deceased service personnel can receive 15% off the monthly service charge on qualified plans including AT&T unlimited plans.* (Note: The unlimited plan discount is a special offer for military that are members of the AT&T Signature Program and may not be combined with the standard AT&T Signature Program discount. After 22GB of data usage, AT&T may slow speeds.)

They may slow speeds? Thank you for your service! That’s rough.

I’ve never used AT&T for my personal service, but that is the carrier for my work phone and the mobile coverage seems pretty good.


#3 – T-Mobile

As I said before, this is the plan I recently switched to, and so far we’ve been really happy with the service. Their current deal is the T-Mobile Military ONE Plan, which includes:

  • 50% off family lines for all military and veterans
  • Unlimited talk, text, and data
  • A standard 2-screen subscription for Netflix

We get 4 lines for $100/month. Here’s a link to their discount page.


#4 – Sprint

The article I linked to above explains their new military plan, which includes:

Beginning July 13, Sprint will offer the Unlimited Military plan, which is a discount on their new Unlimited Basic plan. The discount is available to military personnel and veterans.


The first line costs $60 a month. From there, the military discount applies:

  • The second line is $20 a month, compared with $40 for others.
  • The third, fourth and fifth lines are $10 a month, compared with $20 a month for others.


The Unlimited Military plan includes unlimited data, talk and text nationwide; TV, with Hulu; 500 MB mobile hotspot; DVD-quality streaming; global roaming in more than 185 worldwide locations; unlimited talk and text in Mexico and Canada; and 5GB of 4G LTE data.

I’ve never had Sprint for my personal usage, but it used to be the carrier on my government phone. The coverage was spotty, but that could just be where I live. Here’s the link to their discount page.


Shop Around

There are some pretty good deals out there from the 4 major cell phone carriers. If you have a plan already, call your company and ask for a better military/veteran discount. If they won’t give you one, check out the options discussed above.


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