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At Military Millions we have a few authors and pseudonyms. I’m still in the military so I’m known as “Still In” and I write most of the articles. “Was In” was in the military, and he handles the IT, fixes toilets, and writes the After Action Reports. As we approach the 1 year anniversary of Military Millions, I realize I’ve never given you a detailed look at my own portfolio. Let’s do that today and scratch your inner financial voyeurism itch.



I’m not going to give you dollar amounts, but percentages.



My financial assets from largest to smallest include: (all percentages are rounded to the nearest whole percentage)



None. Aside from credit cards we pay off every month, we’re debt free, suckers!


Overall Asset Allocation

Excluding the pension and my house, here’s my overall asset allocation courtesy of our favorite tool that made all of this easy, Personal Capital (you can see my review of it here):

I do all this for an overall expense ratio of 0.05%. Size does matter.


The Bottom Line

I’m financially independent. You can be too if you just follow these steps and use one of these tricks to get rich in the military.


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