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Sunday AAR (19AUG2018)

by | 19Aug2018 | Sunday AAR | 1 comment

After Action ReviewThe Sunday After Action Review is a collection of the best articles that we’ve read this week.

Know of a good article or blog that we should read? Please let us know in the comments.


  • Simple Ways To Save Money By Visiting Your Local Library – I save hundreds of dollars every year borrowing e-books instead of buying them. My local library is crazy good. You can borrow movies, audio books (on CD or for your phone), novelty cake pans, fishing poles, and board games. It’s one of the few places you can go, be entertained, and leave richer.
  • Things That Will Absolutely Kill Your Net Worth – This is a great list and it doesn’t get old. I could read and post one of these here every single week. I need the constant reminder to not do stupid stuff.
  • The Half-Life Of Investment Strategies – “Ideas, strategies, rules, and philosophies which were once considered iron law can become overcrowded and get arbitraged away. And once knowledge becomes widely disseminated, markets and investors adapt, which can change performance going forward.” I’m wondering how, when, if this will hit the index fund, buy and hold strategy we use and recommend here.
  • Working in retirement is not a sure thing – Losing or needing to quit a job a few years before planned retirement can play havoc with the finances. This article doesn’t explicitly cite ageism, but it is a thing. Getting a job late in a career is often tough. Save early both for the compounding and the security.
  • Should You Save More Or Work Longer? – You may not be able to work longer. See immediately above. There is an interesting comparison that breaks down exactly what an extra year of work means relative to saving.
  • Late Start – Strategies for saving for college and retirement if you’re an old(er) parent. After reading this article I immediately increased my 529 college savings plan contribution.
  • Preparing For Divorce – Written for women, but flip the pronouns for dudes. I’ll add one thing from personal experience – KEEP IT AMICABLE. If you have a non-contentious divorce it will be better financially for everyone. Play fair and play nice if at all possible.
  • Your Money or Your Life? Both, Please. – If you have too much crap or a spending problem I highly recommend Your Money or Your Life. <–Click there to buy it and send this blog a buck. It wasn’t in my local library and I wanted it NOW so I spent a little bit of life buying it. I’m going to get my wife to read it too, which is only fair because she paid for half.
  • How an ancient stone money system works like cryptocurrency – Here’s an interesting comparison between bitcoin and some huge ancient stone coins that were too big to move.

1 Comment

  1. Derek@LifeAndMyFinances

    Thanks for the mention! It’s always good to remind ourselves what’s stealing our net worth!


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