Lessons to Learn from the Recent 10% Stock Market Decline

There are some lessons we can all learn from the recent 10% stock market drop.

In Praise of the Credit Card

For valid reasons credit cards have a bad rap in the field of personal finance. Their path of destruction is long and wide, but if used properly there are some surprising benefits.

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Veterans On-Line Shopping Benefit

If you are an honorably discharged Veteran Soldier, Airmen, Marine, Sailor, or Coast Guard member, you can go to VetVerify.org and confirm your eligibility to access the Veterans on-line shopping benefit.

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Welcome to MilitaryMillions

Welcome to MilitaryMillions.com, a blog/website designed to help military members like you make and save millions! Who are we and why did we create MilitaryMillions? We are current and former military members who realize that people in the military are extremely busy...

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