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Personal finance is an area of extreme importance in the personal and professional lives of military members, or at least it should be. In order to give readers a head start in any area they hope to learn more about, would like to provide readers with a list of recommended blogs and podcasts that offer sound advice and can be read quickly or consumed on the go. Let’s face it, we’re all busy.

1. Jonathan Clements’ free online Money Guide, available at his blog Humble Dollar – Mr. Clements was a personal finance columnist for The Wall Street Journal, has written many financial books, and has a stellar reputation. He offers solid, no-nonsense advice and covers every topic I can imagine.

2. The White Coat Investor – This website is free and contains a wealth of information on personal finance topics. Founded by an ER doctor, this site is specific to high income professionals and often focuses on doctors. If you are a high-earner of any type, though, and have questions on personal finance, you can probably find an answer on this site.

3. Vanguard Blog and Investment Commentary Podcast – The Vanguard Blog and Investment Commentary Podcast focus on the low-cost, passive, index fund investing that have made Vanguard the king of investment companies. The blog is an excellent source of contemporary investment information and current market trends. The podcasts occur monthly and are usually less than 15 minutes in length, making them easily digestible by busy professionals.

4. Listen Money Matters Blog and Podcast – Created by two guys that love beer, Andrew and Thomas, this podcast is entertaining and informative. The hosts are “regular guys” who started out as novices in personal finance and are learning as they go, so the podcasts can be a little basic for people with personal finance experience. They cover a range of topics, though, from debt to real estate to investing, and always in an entertaining format. The content is often not safe for young ears, so be mindful of that when listening in your car.

5. Mr. Money Mustache – There is an entire early retirement culture online, of which many military members are unaware. If you have an interest in early retirement, you’ll love this website and the story of Pete (Mr. Money Mustache), a software engineer who retired in his thirties. It is filled with investing information, as well as practical advice on how to save money in everyday life. The site has an anti-consumerism, pro-Earth bent and Mr. Money Mustache is a strong proponent of using a bicycle instead of driving a car, even in the dead of winter. He will show you that retiring early and controlling your spending doesn’t have to lead to unhappiness. In fact, he’ll probably convince you that the less you own the happier you’ll be.

6. Money for the Rest of Us Podcast – This podcast is hosted by a former investment manager. He does an excellent job of reviewing personal finance and economics topics in shows that are usually about 30 minutes in length. He offers additional content to those that join his paid site/service. The shows are well done and extensively researched, and very entertaining with high-quality audio.

If you regularly utilize these six sources of financial information, it will be easy for you to learn and stay up to date on personal finance.


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