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After Action ReviewThe Sunday After Action Review is a collection of the best articles that we’ve read this week.

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  • Since reaching a high of 2873 on January 26, the stock market has been as low as 2581 on February 8 and as of February 16 sits at 2732. A loss of 10% followed by a gain of 5%. In the midst of this Jonathan Clements at the Humble Dollar penned this great advice. My favorite (emphasis mine): “If you’re more than 15 years from retirement, you have two tasks. First, pray mightily for a major market decline, so you can buy stocks at cheaper prices. Second, step up your savings rate to compensate for what will likely be modest long-run stock market returns.” Nothing wrong with a stock sale when you are shopping for more.
  • Here’s an explanation of the 4% rule as well as a good analysis of its historical performance. In short, the rule is that if you’ve saved 25 times your annual expenses, you can safely retire.
  • I hadn’t heard of Zelle until I read this article. The service was created by banks to directly transfer money between accounts. The point of the article is that there’s no reversing a transaction. My takeaway – it’s a useful service as long as I trust the other party. Treat it like cash. Zelle is supported by USAA and available via the mobile app – FAQ here.
  • Here’s a good list of financial rules of thumb from
  • Money saving tip: use the library. I have over 700 books in my Amazon Kindle library – yes I had a problem, but at least the vast majority have been read. Since relocating to a small town with a great library I have discovered their electronic collection. Using a phone app called Libby I’m able to have basically the same functionality of the Kindle software without the expense of buying books. Most libraries have similar services. You can check out and download a book then read without needing an internet connection.
  • Jake Peavy pitched on two World Series winning teams and has made $130 million thus far in his baseball career. Now at 36 his retirement planning is in disarray. Two years ago his friend and financial adviser defrauded him of $15-20 million. At MilitaryMillions we encourage you to make your own investment decisions. It doesn’t take that much time and you won’t get ripped off. For a while I invested with a friend who worked for a large financial management company. Things worked out well, but I still felt like I was balancing our relationship with my financial needs.


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