Learn How to Retire Secure and Pay Taxes Once and Never Again – For Free!

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James Lange is an accountant, attorney, and expert on retirement and estate planning. I’ve read a number of his books, and they are all high quality and very educational.

His focus is on maximizing your Roth retirement “space.” In the military, we have two Roth options, the Roth flavor of the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) and a Roth IRA. I maximally utilize both every year.

If you ever wanted to learn from this financial expert, you can now do so for free! On his website, you can download PDF copies of two of his books:

Retire Secure! A Guide to Getting the Most Out of What You’ve Got

The Roth Revolution – Pay Taxes Once and Never Again

If you want the rest of his books, they are available here:

James Lange’s Amazon Author Page


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