Sunday AAR (01APR2018)

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After Action ReviewThe Sunday After Action Review is a collection of the best articles that we’ve read this week.

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  • The recently published book Meet the Frugalwoods has been getting a good bit of attention in the financial press and blogs. The book is written by the wife-half of a couple that saved like crazy and retired to the woods in Vermont. Get Rich Slowly has a good, balanced review of the book. Get Rich Slowly is really hitting its stride since J.D. re-acquired it late last year.
  • I’m personally facing a dilemma. We have the income to pay off our mortgage significantly early. Should we do that or make minimum payments and save/invest the difference? Here’s one view from Physician on Fire. Another angle from Dave Ramsey recommends saving 15% of your income then attacking the debt. They approach the question from entirely different perspectives. Ramsey often counsels folks on the brink of financial ruin whereas Physician on Fire is seeking to maximize returns.
  • The Humble Dollar has a guest post highlighting the perils of picking stocks. The topic is the shellacking that Facebook has received recently. Another example is last week’s 6% drop in Amazon due to a couple of tweets.
  • Don’t be one of the 65% of Americans who isn’t saving enough. Regardless of how you save, the really important part is that you DO save. Pensions and Social Security face an uncertain future.
  • Interesting sports stories are hard to come by lately so let’s go with beer instead. Ever wonder why American beer is so bland? Blame a lot of it on prohibition…


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