Sunday AAR (15APR2018)

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After Action ReviewThe Sunday After Action Review is a collection of the best articles that we’ve read this week.

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  • Anybody else fascinated by the huge swings in stock prices lately? After years of record low volatility, lately we’ve been rocking and rolling. A buddy of mine asked me what I’m doing differently. Answer: nothing. We’re buying stocks every month in our 401K and 529 accounts and paying down our mortgage as fast as possible. It’s fun to watch the ticker on CNBC, but in the long run this daily turbulence won’t matter.
  • Here’s a good investing fundamentals post from Mustard Seed Money. They explain the difference between ETFs and Mutual Funds and how the market for these investment products is changing.
  • Honestly I’ve never thought about it, but women need to save more. Dudes, pass this along to the ladies. They live longer and statistically make less over their careers. This article is from the Vanguard blog. After reading this one I spent some (too much) time browsing the site. Recommended.
  • Here at Military Millions we strongly advocate for index funds. Here’s an article by Adam Grossman in the Humble Dollar. Adam starts out by recommending index funds, comments on some excellent books as resources if you choose to pick stocks, and then wraps it up by recommending index funds.
  • Another article by Adam Grossman. Eye on the Ball is more about life than money. Three points: focus, be strategic with your time, and be strategic with your education dollars. Oh, and there’s a good story about Ted Williams as a bonus.
  • It’s not just Football players that blow their money and end up crazy poor – it’s also football players. By that they mean soccer players. The article makes a good point – we’re all stupid with money until five years into our career (if we’re lucky). Many pro athletes’ careers are over by that point.



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