Crush the Thrift Savings Plan Article Compilation

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Military Millions has been around for over 9 months now, and we’ve got some great content that I wanted to put all in one place for easy use. First up is our guide to the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP). If you use this guide, you should be able to crush the TSP!


The Easy Way to Crush the TSP

If you want to hit the easy button, just go to this article:

The Easiest Way to Figure Out Your Optimal TSP Investment Plan


The Detailed Way to Crush the TSP

If you want to take a more measured approach to crush the TSP, here is the full article series that will show you how:

Step 1 to Crush the TSP – Prepare

Step 2 to Crush the TSP – Decide

Step 3 to Crush the TSP – Asset Allocation

Step 4 to Crush the TSP – Invest

Step 5 to Crush the TSP – Roth vs Traditional

Step 6 to Crush the TSP – Rebalance Annually


Other TSP Articles

Here are some other TSP articles you may find helpful:

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The Investment Company Price War and the Thrift Savings Plan

Upcoming Changes in the Thrift Savings Plan

Why are the TSP Investment Expenses So Low?

Will the Government Get Rid of the “Free Lunch” of the TSP G Fund?

2018 Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) Contribution Limits Announced



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