Sunday AAR (29APR2018)

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After Action ReviewThe Sunday After Action Review is a collection of the best articles that we’ve read this week.

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  • Would My House Be A Good Investment After I Move Out? – If you PCS, first make the rent or buy decision and then buy a house that would make a quality rental. We discussed this back in January. A lot of this decision will depend on the market.
  • 7 Things You Can Learn From the FIRE Movement – Financial Independence and Retire Early (FIRE) is a new name for an old practice. Basically it’s “save a lot of money” then retire. Spending less (a lot less) both increases what you can save and lowers the amount of money required to live. If you dig it, check out the Financial Independence subreddit for moral support and educational reading. If a Private can spend 50% of his salary on beer…
  • 5 Life Lessons from West Point – This article speaks truth. I knew a West Point grad and reading this article inspired me to get in touch with him. Nate Smith (my former XO) is a cock diesel MFer if there ever was one. He’s now the author of two books, independently wealthy, and a self-employed life coach.
  • The Tipping Point – Compounding starts out slow, but steadily builds velocity. Jonathan Clements describes this with several good examples.
  • Investors: Don’t Keep Your Powder Dry – This is another way of saying “Don’t try to time the market.” Oh, and watch Jim Cramer for entertainment, not investment advice. The problem for me is that I can’t help thinking hard about his suggestions. So I just don’t watch Jim Cramer.
  • The Ultimate List of 18 Geoarbitrage Cities Worldwide – Take your high dollar U.S. retirement (or portable job) and live on the cheap in a foreign country. Although not mentioned in the article, this can be done to a lesser extent in flyover country. Some folks move to Kansas.
  • The Ideal Retirement Age To Minimize Regret And Maximize Happiness – 65 (or later) is the easy answer.  Until you see the actuarial study noted in this article showing correlation between average age of retirement and average life span.  Let’s just say, according to the actuaries, retiring at 65 means you’ve got 1.6 years to enjoy it.

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