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Last week I provided a customized reading plan for those looking to get themselves some focused financial knowledge. This week we’ll update the on-line resources I recommend as well as those that can be consumed on-the-go like podcasts. Here they are, broken down by recommended level of current financial knowledge:


ChooseFI Podcast – Jonathan and Brad will do a great job introducing you to the basics of the FI or Financial Independence movement. Brad is a CPA and Jonathan a pharmacist, and both of their backgrounds, though different, really complement each other as they discuss the various components of a life striving for FI. If you’re reading this site, you realize that we strongly believe that a military career can lead to FI.

Humble Dollar Blog and Free On-Line Money Guide – Jonathan Clements was a long-time personal finance columnist for The Wall Street Journal and is also the author of numerous personal finance books. This site is pure gold…for free. The guide covers all aspects of personal finance at a level beginners can easily understand, and the blog provides provocative and entertaining financial content on a regular basis.

Listen Money Matters Podcast – Take two funny guys with an appreciation for beer and an interest in all aspects of personal finance and you have the Listen Money Matters podcast. They interview people from across the personal finance industry and have a website with an engaged community. Of note, this is an uncensored show and not something you’ll want to listen to with young children in the car.

Mr. Money Mustache Blog – The founder and king of the FI movement is Mr. Money Mustache, a software engineer who retired early and enjoys a fulfilling life on a frugal budget. He started it all, so if you’re interested in early retirement and haven’t checked out this site…well…you have a lot to learn. Before you know it you’ll be selling your car and buying a used bicycle.

Radical Personal Finance – Hosted by Joshua Sheats, a financial planner, this show covers all topics in personal finance. There are over 500 shows for you to check out, and I can’t imagine there is a topic you’d want to learn about this isn’t covered somewhere among his episodes. Some of his episodes do get into complex topics, but this is probably a great place to start, which is why I have it listed in the beginners section.

The Vanguard Blog – Regular readers know I have a man crush on Vanguard due to their unique structure and focus on low-cost index investing. This blog is a great way to get your feet wet in personal finance, retirement planning, and basic investing and economic principles. They also have an economic podcast and a more conversational one called The Planner and the Geek.


The Bigger Pockets Website and Podcast – The Bigger Pockets empire is the place to go for information about real estate investing. They have free education, networking, books…you want it, they’ve got it. The podcasts is released weekly on Thursdays. It is mostly interviews with real estate investors of various backgrounds and experience levels.

The Finance Buff Blog – Like a friend teaching you about money, or at least that is the slogan. Harry Sit is The Finance Buff, and he does teach you about money. I find his posts to be thought provoking, engaging, and well researched.

The Oblivious Investor Blog – Mike Piper is a CPA who specializes in publishing short books that explain complex financial topics like taxes and investing in under 100 pages. He keeps it simple, and his blog is a great source of information from him and notable articles he’ll highlight from around the internet.

The White Coat Investor Website and Podcast – Started by a physician (hence the “White Coat” reference), this is the go-to resource for physicians and other high income professionals, which I’d say includes many dual earning couples in the military as well as senior enlisted and mid-grade to senior officers. If there is something you want to know about, you’ll probably find it here. If you don’t find it, you can go to his very active forums and you’ll get an answer very quickly from a highly intelligent and informed audience.


Planet Money by NPR – You’re not going to find a lot of actionable information in this podcast, but its production is superb and the topics it covers are certainly thought provoking and entertaining. Imagine a mix of current events, politics, and economics all rolled into one.

Rockstar Finance – This site curates what is out there in the personal finance blogosphere and gives you 3-4 popular and interesting personal finance articles a day. Read what catches your eye and forget what doesn’t. Most days something catches my eye.

So Money with Farnoosh Torabi – This 3x per week interview style podcast covers the breadth of financial topics in an entertaining and easy to listen to format. Of note, she focuses more than most on women involved in finance, so listeners interested in that aspect will certainly enjoy her show. She also periodically takes questions from listeners and answers them. Overall, this podcasts is a very entertaining way to start learning about personal finance, business, and entrepreneurship.

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    This post is one of my favorite so far. I didn’t know about many of these blogs. Keep up the great work!


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