Sunday AAR (17JUN2018)

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After Action ReviewThe Sunday After Action Review is a collection of the best articles that we’ve read this week.

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  • The Dream of Barista FIRE – FIRE is an acronym for “Financial Independence Retire Early”. Barista FIRE is when you combine almost financially independence with a side gig to get all the way there. This is a solid plan for a post-military retirement. Maybe you couldn’t save enough or you just don’t want to quit working. Get a fun side job and earn cash.
  • Is the U.S. Due For a Recession? – Good article with a great table summarizing all recessions since the 1850s. The past few have been comparatively mild. Even the Great Recession (2007-2009) was tame. Check out the 1890s and 1920s.
  • Why Do Stocks Generally Go Up Over Time? – This week’s second article from the A Wealth of Common Sense blog discusses a question I’ve often pondered. I just added this blog to my news feed.
  • The Most Important Factor in Retirement Withdrawal Plans – When planning for retirement, how do you know how much to spend each year. Conventional wisdom is 4% of your portfolio each year. There’s a lot of thought that’s gone into this, but as the article says “The Data Sucks”. One hundred years ago the average person simply wasn’t rich enough and long lived enough for this to matter. Wealth and a long life are a good problems to have. This article outlines a solid approach to avoid running out of money.
  • Useful Hacks – An alternate title here could be “There’s not Usually an Easy Way”. Not all of the hacks are finance related, but this one is: Savings hack: Lower your ego and live below your means. Normal folks can combine this with Investing hack: Give compounding the decades it requires. The result – you’ll be rich.
  • Credit Karma Review: Is It Legit or Scam? – So here’s my useful credit hack: Pay shit on time. That’s worked for me, but I totally get that folks goof. If you’re looking to improve your score, read this review.


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