Sunday AAR (24JUN2018)

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After Action ReviewThe Sunday After Action Review is a collection of the best articles that we’ve read this week.

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  • T-Mobile Extended Range LTE Phones – Earlier this week we published a post on the T-Mobile ONE Military plan. With that Still-In is paying the same amount for four lines with unlimited data as I am for two lines with 2 GB on Verizon. T-Mobile has often been rightly criticized for having poor coverage. This is changing rapidly. Their new 600 MHz build out now covers most of the U.S. rural areas, but you need a phone that can take advantage of it. This is a list of phones that will. The cheapest one on the list is the LG K30 at $225.
  • Benefits Lost – The first line is “WHO IS YOUR worst financial enemy? Got a mirror?” Investigate and take advantage of the benefits offered by your employer. Max out that TSP, 401(k), and health savings account. I’ve mentioned this before – when I go out to dinner with Still-In, he always asks about a military discount. Last time the waiter gave the whole table 10% off. We tipped it back, but they were happy to offer it.
  • Should You Live Your Dream Life Now or Later? – Two bloggers lay out the opposing cases for living large now or later. Good article. Read and judge for yourself while I bite my tongue.
  • The Original Flash Crash – If you follow the financial news, you’ve probably seen articles talking about the theoretical dangers of index funds and ETFs. Here Ben Carlson discusses how this wasn’t the case during previous financial panics.
  • How Much Money Do You Save by Cooking at Home? – Answer: quite a lot. I’m not convinced of some of the detailed prices of eating in a restaurant, but even if they are high by a factor of two, you’re still saving a ton of money when you do the cooking yourself. This article is backed up by a lot of data and covers many different sample menus.
  • What Should Be Your International Stock Allocation? – I’m invested in target date funds which make this decision for me, but for those of you rolling on your own, don’t neglect some international exposure. This article analyzes the case for and against holding international equities.
  • When is the best time to buy a car? – The answer to this question is definitely not “As soon as you get back from deployment.” This article claims that you can save a few bucks by shopping when the getting is good. They have the data so no argument here. At Military Millions we recommend buying a used car.
  • The Trouble With Johnny Depp – Anybody that can blow through $650M dollars has a lot of troubles. This article proves that no matter how high your income, you can always out-spend it. I admit to not finishing this article – too depressing. Nonetheless, it is well written and has been cited a lot recently.


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