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After Action ReviewThe Sunday After Action Review is a collection of the best articles that we’ve read this week.

Know of a good article or blog that we should read? Please let us know in the comments.



  • 10 Reasons I Regret My Big Dumb House – This article actually made me feel good. I have the task of writing a post about my own big dumb house on my to-do list. sidehustlescrubs did it right – 5500 square feet and 3/4 of an acre. One thing that he doesn’t mention is transaction cost. A lot of the cost of buying and selling a home is based on its value. This can be particularly painful if you’re subject to moving (PCS) every few years.
  • Storm Brewing In Crowdfunded Real Estate? – In the past, we’ve linked to a couple of articles about crowdfunded real estate in our AARs. The fact is that neither Still-In nor I have invested in it. This article explains some of the concerns. I personally have stayed away due to already having significant real estate investments as well as a reluctance to invest in things that I don’t fully understand.
  • Tax and the 4% Rule – There have been a lot of great articles about the 4% rule lately. This one discusses the tax implications of where the money is saved.
  • Guide to Taking Substantially Equal Periodic Payments (SEPP) From Your IRA Before Age 59 1/2 – This is one of a few ways of accessing tax-deferred savings prior to retirement age without paying a penalty. This is a useful technique for those retiring early.
  • 7 Attributes Of High Net Worth Individuals – I recently reread The Millionaire Next Door (checked out free from my local library, but feel free to click on that affiliate link and throw some loot our way). It’s a wonderful book and the first one I recommend to anyone interested in becoming financially independent. This article summarizes the seven attributes that distinguish over accumulators of wealth from other folks.
  • Sustaining Wealth is Harder Than Getting Rich – So said most of the athletes whose stories I’ve linked to here. Also see the Johnny Depp article that we linked to a couple of weeks ago.
  • 10 *Downsides* to Early Retirement – This article is packed with good insight and links to other articles including a previous article on early retirement that went viral. Of course, none of the 10 are deal breakers. This is a good list of things to consider and plan for.
  • Where you live has a bigger impact on happiness and health than you might imagine – Interesting thoughts on how where you live and just moving in general impacts your health.
  • There are no shortcuts – Another great article from J.D. Roth. Start saving early and do it for the long haul. Compounding takes a long time to work but yields dramatic results.


  1. Dr. Cory S. Fawcett

    Thanks for including me in your best articles of the week. It is always an honor when someone feels that what I wrote was helpful. I have a soft spot for the military as I went to medical school on a Naval Scholarship and came out nearly debt free.

    Dr. Cory S. Fawcett
    Prescription for Financial Success

    • Still In

      Thanks for your great content. We have a lot of military physician readers.

  2. Side Hustle Scrubs

    I feel honored to be included amongst such great bloggers. My big dumb house has all sorts of hidden costs. I couldn’t imagine having to pay settlement fees, transfer taxes and realtor commissions every few years with every change of station. I am grateful for all the sacrifices our military men and women make for our country. Thank you!


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