My New Favorite Word is No

by | 12Jul2018 | Financial independence | 2 comments

I have a new favorite word. That word is “no.”

My favorite word used to be “yes,” but no more. (Do you see what I did there?)


I Used to Be a Yes Man

I used to say yes to everything, like Jim Carrey in this movie.

You want me to write that book chapter? Yes.

You want me to be on that committee? Yes.

You want me to pick up that collateral duty? Yes.

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.


Now I’m a No Man

You want me to be in charge of that committee? No.

You want me to work on that new project? No.

You want me to deal with that delicate issue? No.

I’m sure that in the past I would have said yes.



For a few reasons:

First, I’m financially independent with 4 years until I’m retirement eligible. What does that mean? According to this article, it means:

Financial independence typically means having enough income to pay your living expenses for the rest of your life without having to work full time. Some people achieve this through saving and investing over many years, while others build successful businesses that can generate income without daily supervision.

I did it by simply staying in the military and becoming a super saver, and now I have F U money. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go here and watch the videos (which are not work or kid friendly).

Second, a few months ago I was selected for what is very likely my terminal rank, locking in a very significant military pension.

Finally, I realize that I have enough money but not enough time. As I wrote about earlier this week, my grandfather just died. And no one gave a crap how much money he did or did not have. What’s important is the kind of man he was and the impact he had on the world and the people that knew him.

I’m not saying I won’t say “yes” ever again, but when I do it will be because I want to.

Committee work someone else can benefit from?

Projects that might be important but I really don’t want to do?

Dealing with difficult people when it’s optional?



  1. Wealthy Doc

    Thanks for the post. I now feel I’m not alone.
    I have built thriving successful enterprises and a great professional reputation mostly by always answering with an enthusiastic “YES!”
    Now that I’m “middle-aged” and FI with less to prove, I’m learning how to say “NO!”
    It is freeing once you get used to it.
    And makes a lot of sense for those whose time is scarcer than money.

    • Still In

      We might be twins separated at birth. If you’re 42 about to turn 43, there might be something to this theory so let me know.

      Thanks for reading.


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