Sunday AAR (22JUL2018)

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After Action ReviewThe Sunday After Action Review is a collection of the best articles that we’ve read this week.

Know of a good article or blog that we should read? Please let us know in the comments.



  • What Stock Market Return Should You Expect In the Future? – It matters for planning purposes, but regardless of the expected return, we recommend saving until it hurts then saving a bit more.
  • Piling On – Compounding illustrated by one of our favorite bloggers.
  • 5 Things I Didn’t Expect After Being Fired – The typical Military Millions reader isn’t going to get fired, but the same things happen when you ETS or retire.
  • Understanding The Yield Curve – If you follow the financial news you hear a lot about the interest rate yield curve. This article describes what it is and why it is a good economic predictor.
  • Know Your Edge – The premise is that we spend a lot of time on the small stuff (the pebbles) when we should be focusing on the things we can do that most others can’t (the big rocks). Has a link back to this article.
  • Are SUVs Ruining Retirement Savings? – Here at Military Millions, we recommend that you buy a used car and pay cash.
  • Passive Income vs. Passion Income – “If you can earn $1000 per month by building picnic tables [or anything else you love doing], for example, that’s $300,000 less you need to save for retirement (given standard assumptions).”
  • Confessions Of A Digital Dinosaur –  eSports is to real sports as the Air Force is to the real military. I’m just jealous. I love to backpack, but somehow the Army made it miserable. An air-conditioned (or any) tent would have been perfect. This is an enlightening article filled with statistics about the emergence and the current state of eSports. Don’t scoff until you read it.


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