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I’m an active duty officer who is “Still In” the military. (Get it?) I have an interest in personal finance, and used that to become debt free and on track to be financially independent when I’m eligible to retire. What’s that mean? It means I’ll be able to work as much or as little as I want. If I feel like it, I can just golf every day! Why am I writing on this blog? Because with a little knowledge from this blog and your own military discipline, you can be financially independent too.

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Was In

I spent four years as enlisted Army Infantry – long enough to realize that the hardest working people in America are wearing a military uniform. For that sacrifice you get decent pay and fantastic benefits. Stay in until retirement and you can be financially secure for life. Get out earlier and you can still have a solid jump start toward financial independence.

After the Army I combined my education, security clearance, some grit, and a good deal of luck into a successful career developing software. My background includes graduate study in accounting and finance. I’ve spent 25 years managing my own money and advising family and friends. Some of my ideas tend toward the unorthodox, but often that’s where the opportunities are. One of my tenets is living well below my means. I’d like to pass along these ideas and others. I’m still working towards financial independence and look forward to sharing that journey.

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